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Undercover Cars Show at These Days Gallery by Clint Woodside


THESE DAYS is pleased to present UNDERCOVER CARS, a solo exhibition of photography by CLINT WOODSIDE.
UNDERCOVER CARS is Woodside’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles and features a collection of photographs from his recently published book of the same title. The work spans five years of shooting and represents a photographic study of covered cars that Woodside spotted while traveling around the world and also living in Southern California.
While the recurring subject of these pictures is “cars” the real subject remains hidden in plain sight: the intimate, everyday human narratives swirling around the cars. The photos are alive with endearing residential architecture and everyday human habitation/habit (well-worn apartments and houses, painted garage doors, oil-stained driveways), and the familiar flora of Southern California (looming, disheveled palms; massive weird shrubs; dense, dark ficus trees; unruly ivy). 
As a series, Woodside’s “undercover cars” loosely documents a place and a time (the everyday vibe of Southern California, early 21st century) but they are also a record of his photographic obsession, a long-term attachment to a simple theme from which more complex themes can emerge and evolve. 

- Excerpt from Mike Slack’s essay in Undercover Cars: Clint Woodside
Image credit: Clint Woodside, Oceanside, CA, 2012, C-Print, 36" w x 29" h

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Woodside currently lives in Los Angeles by way of Philadelphia. Primarily a photographer, Woodside is also known for his extensive work as a curator and creator of the Deadbeat Club - a publisher and distributor of small books and publications whose diverse roster of photographers include Todd Hido, Ed Templeton, Deanna Templeton, Tobin Yelland, Cheryl Dunn, and many others. His photography work has been shown in New York City, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Tokyo, Seoul, China and Australia.

THESE DAYS is a gallery and store featuring emerging artists, collectible and out-of-print photography books and zines, modern and vintage design objects, original art and more. Since its first exhibition in 2010, the gallery has exhibited a diverse range of work including new paintings by photographer Nick Waplington, experimental photography by Gusmano Cesaretti, and Lookout and Wonderland’s collaborative fiber art project. THESE DAYS has also partnered with curators such as Bryan Ray Turcotte, tapping into his vast archives of punk ephemera for an exhibition that celebrated the seminal and quintessential Los Angeles punk band X.

THESE DAYS is located in Downtown Los Angeles’s Historic Core and is owned and operated by Stephen and Jodi Zeigler, long-time residents of the neighborhood. The Zeiglers are Los Angeles natives and also have careers in the world of photography.

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